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The Tarot is a centuries old form of divination able to provide us with guidance on the trends and possibilities in our lives.  The origins of Tarot have been traced by some authorities as far back as the pharaonic Egypt.  The earliest deck that is known today was executed for the ducal house of Milan in 1428 to celebrate the marriage of Branca- Maria Visconti to Francesco Sforza. The Tarot is most commonly  understood as a map of the unconscious, a symbolic language that translates complex spiritual ideas into pictorial forms. 

    Tarot  should be approached in an earnest frame of mind and for genuine questions only. The most frequent use of the Tarot is when we are presented with a problem in our lives. It can help us in difficult times and advise us upon the likely outcome of various solutions but the decision still lies with us. Periodic consultation of the Tarot in the form of a general reading can enlighten us not only about " where we are going" but also about " who we are". Self-knowledge is as important to our spiritual progress as fore knowledge is to our earthly progress.


     The sun of the Tarot Deck has a human face. Sources of heat and light, the sun is a symbol of rebirth, immortality and cosmic intelligence. The sun, above all stands for the self, vitality and the masculine generative principle.


   The Wheel of Fortune symbolizes those rhythms that rule us, the world revolving, the eternal new beginning. It is the round about of the universe, with good succeeding evil, day after night, death after life. When we contemplate the wheel of fortune, we must think of a change originating from decisions outside ourselves.


   The world represents neither a scene nor a specific person, but diverse elements loosely connected. Its number is 21 or 3 X 7, the number of perfection in the bible. Wisdom has 21 attributes. 21 symbolizes divine wisdom, the mirror of eternal light. It stands for the dynamic effort to the new man who slowly works free from the struggle of opposites that torment him. The world is therefore achievement, perfect knowledge, utter peace. On the material plane it indicates success, the consummation of a work, an aerial voyage, a stranger.



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