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How Astrology Really Works

Astrology maintains there is a connection between what happens across the universe, and what happens in human experience. When a massive body, such as a star or planet, changes its position in the universe, it produces an effect that ripples across space. Astrology says the positions and interactions of massive solar bodies influence each person's personality and behavior. The effect is particularly influential at the moment of an individual's birth. However, the effects are ongoing, different every day according to the positions of celestial bodies.


Horoscope Readings

Sun signs (also referred to as Star Signs) represent the sign of the Zodiac the sun was in at a person's birth. In Astrology, the Sun rules willpower and ego. Each person's Sun Sign reflects the direction and focus of their life. Their Sign influences how you approach life, and how you accomplish things. It is your personality. Sun Signs affect honesty, integrity and the ability to command respect and authority. All of these determine a person's ability to react with and influence others. Horoscope readings use your Sun sign and the position of the planets to predict what may happen in the future. Weekly horoscopes take a general picture of a Sun sign and use the position of the celestial bodies to make predictions on what the future holds for individuals born under that sign.


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