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Colette Martine is a renowned French medium who has been providing guidance, reassurance and help to thousands of people all over North America and Europe using Tarot and Astrology. Let her 20 years of experience benefit you as well.


       Feeling overwhelmed?

       Things not going like you would expect?

        Facing tough decisions?

        Just met someone? Wondering whether he or she is the right person you have been waiting for?

        Thinking about changing job or buying a new house?


Whatever your reason may be, you can trust Colette Martine's accurate reading to help you make the right choices. Contact us now and schedule a reading over the phone or in person.


" Everything she told me happened, it was incredible Colette told me about changes in my company, family members who came to visit, legal papers that finally coming through... She was right each time." Elizabeth. Washington DC

" Colette did a complete reading with month by month details for the coming year and everything she touched on happened, new job offer,  moving in California, description of the new house , health problems with a family member... everything happened"  Michael. Dallas.

" I went to see Colette following the recommendation of a friend, and I was amazed. Everything she told me happened in the next 6 months. I will contact her again." Vanessa. Dallas

" Very impressive, I recommend her to anyone who just cannot wait and want to know now what the future holds." Jean Michel. Paris

"Colette was exactly right! She told me that my sister would be married and pregnant before the end of the year, and a few months later, I get my sister on the phone, and she announces me that she was expecting a child and her long time companion finally proposed her!" Sophie. Montreal

" A college suggested that I see Colette because I was anxious and a little confused with the way my career was going. I  had just moved to the US, hired by a large multinational but  because of the economic downturn, ended up looking for a job less than 6 month after my arrival. Colette saw the companies that I had contacted only a few weeks prior to see her, she told me which ones would make offers and suggested that a specific firm should not to be trusted. She was right, The companies she identified made me interesting offers, and the one I turned down filled for bankruptcy a few month afterward. Today, I have a position with a prominent company which allow me to travel back and forth between the US and Brazil." Carlos. Rio de


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